If there's one thing that's annoying about DiviIn some cases, double loading of the Builder occurs.
Over the past few months,
Elegant Themes has released several patches supposed to fix this problem, but without much result...
Fortunately, we now have THE tried and tested solution, which has been published on our Facebook support group by
Pierre Sudarovich and Eduard Ungureanu (from the support team ofElegant Themes).

Activate the Visual Builder

Button to activate the Divi Visual Builder

Since this double builder loading problem occurs in the Visual Builder, go to any page on your site and activate the Visual Builder by clicking on the Activate Visual Builder button at the top of your screen in the WordPress admin bar.

Display the Visual Builder toolbar

Button to display the Divi Visual Builder toolbar

At the bottom of your screen, now click the icon shown above to display the Divi Visual Builder toolbar.
This toolbar will then unfold, revealing 6 additional purple icons.
But what will interest you from now on is on the left side of your screen...

Display Visual Builder settings

Button to view Divi Visual Builder settings

This time click on the icon at the far left of the toolbar shown in the screenshot above to display the Visual Builder settings.

Disable animations of Visual Builder modules

Divi Visual Builder modal settings window

In the modal window that appears, click the switch under Interface Builder to set it to Disabled.
The purpose of this manipulation is to deactivate the subtle bounce effect that occurs when opening modals to set or add sections, lines and modules of the Visual Builder.

Remember to save the changes you make on the page before leaving the Divi Visual Builder, otherwise the changes will not be taken into account.

The final word

After extensive testing by a large number of Divi Community members, this trick proves to be the ultimate solution to finally remedy the double loading of the Visual Builder that has been annoying Divi users for months.

Hopefully now that the problem is targeted, Elegant Themes will take the necessary steps to release a patch in a future version of Divi.