It's no secret, the form module proposed by Divi is quite basic.
It offers the possibility to add rather standard fields, but if you need something a little more specific, you soon find yourself a little limited.

We've shown you how to add a date picker to your forms, and now we're going to discover together what the Divi Contact Extended premium plugin can do for you.

It is available on the Trumani website at a rate of 25$/year.

Divi's standard contact form

Divi's form may be sufficient for basic sites that only need to collect some customer information.

It natively integrates the following fields:

  • Text type fields: as its name indicates, you can type a "short" text of your choice.
  • E-mail type fields: for the visitor's e-mail address
  • Text box type fields: it is rather intended to collect a long message explaining why we want to contact you.
  • Fields of type Case: it allows to display check boxes according to different possibilities. It is possible to check several or all of them.
  • Radio type fields: it is used to offer several choices to your visitors. Contrary to the previous field, it is only possible to select one of them.
  • Fields of type Drop-down menu: a utility equivalent to the Radio button but allowing a different display

That's it for the tour of the fields proposed by the Divi form.
Let's get down to business with...

Features provided by Divi Contact Extended

Divi Contact Extended offers several different types of fields to format your forms:

  • A file(s) upload field: it is possible to import several files and to define a maximum total size (by default it is set to 25 MB, but don't put more than that as it is the limit for e-mails)
  • A phone field where it is possible to insert a mask for the format of the phone: this allows to display it in an elegant way.
  • A Google Recaptcha to avoid receiving spam. It can also be used on the standard contact form module, the Opt-in module and the connection module of the Divi
Field types provided by Divi Contact Extended
Available fields

And also some very practical options:

  • Modify the subject of the notification e-mail received: rather convenient to implement on your customers' sites to push a little further the personalization
  • Enable email notification for the user: If you enable this option, the user will also receive an email summarizing their submission. The subject and the body of the email can be different from the administrator notification.
  • Redirect the user after submission: a basic option available with Divi, but here you can choose to open the URL in a new tab to prevent the visitor from losing his page.
  • Save the history of submissions in the site's database: accessible from the administration, this ensures that you do not lose anything and will allow your customers to have an overview of the contact requests received.
Setting up administrator notification email with Divi Contact Extended
The e-mail of the form administrator notification
Setting up visitor notification email with Divi Contact Extended
The visitor's notification e-mail

I also show you the administration panel to activate ReCaptcha on Divi forms or on all WordPress forms:

The general options of Divi Contact Extended also allow you to set global settings to all your forms if you wish (you can do so otherwise in each form module):

  • Subject of the email
  • Notification sent to the visitor
  • Allow sending files and the type of extension allowed
  • Color and text of the submit button
  • The ability to define an overlay effect for your forms

Please note that two features are currently being integrated and will be available soon:

  • The possibility to receive Paypal or Stripe payments directly via the form
  • The integration of MailChimp to be able to record the e-mail of your visitors (if they wish of course, it should not be mandatory, RGPD obliges)

If you want to see the form live, go to the Playground Divi Community :


Divi Contact Extended provides several convenient features for collecting and managing customer information and greatly enhances Divi's native module.

Its price of 25$ is not "cheap" but it will surely allow you to answer most of your customers' needs for a contact form.

It is currently not compatible with the Visual Builder, however with the many features under development, let's hope it will become compatible soon.